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HomeManufacturer InformationProducts list for Motorola
MOTOROLA  (View all products for Motorola with Images.)

Motorola 53615 NICD RECHARGE BAT T5000/6000 SER Motorola NiCd Rechargeable Battery, Compatible with all 1-watt radios (T5000/ 6000/ 8500/ 9500/ EM1000 series)

Motorola 53724 REMOTE SPEAKER W/MIC TA-280 T-289 FR-50 Remote Speaker With Microphone, Compatible with Talkabout® radios (T8500/9500/EM1000 series), Clips onto lapel, Allows you to talk without holding radio

Motorola 53727 EARBUD WITH PTT MIC HCLE4045B Earbud With Clip-On Microphone For Talkabout® Radios, 1 pin with lapel mic, Compatible with all radios with iVOX (T5000/ 6000/ 7000/ 8500/ 9500/ EM1000 series), Push-to-talk microphone, Earbud conveniently fits in the ear, For use with Talkabout® series radios

Motorola 53728 FRS FLEXIBLE EAR RECVR FRS Flexible Ear Receiver, Compatible with all radios with iVOX (T5000/6000/7000 series), Compatible with T-5500AA/T-5500R and T-6500R

Motorola 56320 EARPIECE W BOOM MIC Ear-Piece With Boom Microphone, Compatible with all radios with iVOX (T5000/ 6000/ 7000/ 8500/ 9500/ EM1000 series)

Motorola Battery Upgrade Kit (53614) Rechargeable Battery Upgrd Kit Up to 2 hours of talk time and more than 10 hours of standby time, Two NiCD rechargeable battery packs, dual pocket desktop charger, AC power supply, Two charging pocket inserts

Motorola EarBud with PTT Mic (53727) EarBud with PTT Microphone Push-to-Talk Microphone, conveniently clips to collar, Ideal for noisy or hushed environments, Compatible with Spirit® GT, Spirit® GT+, Talkabout® series

Motorola Flexible Ear Receiver (53728) Flexible Ear Receiver hands-free your Talkabout two way radio, easier to hear in noisy environments, compatible with most talkabout series two way radios

Motorola Headset Swivel Boom Mic 53725 Headset with Swivel Boom Mic hands-free (VOX) compatible, ideal for noisy areas or to avoid disturbing bystanders, Voice activated, Compatible with Spirit GT, TalkAbout FR50/60; TA280/289; T5000 and T6000 series

Motorola NTN9392B SWIVEL BELT CLIP FOR W1 RADIO Swivel Belt Clip, Compatible with all 1-watt radios (T5000/6000 series)

Motorola Rechargeable Battery (53617) NiMH Rechargeable Battery Spare Battery easy to carry, easy to change Compatible with: FV300, FV700, MH, SX500, SX600, SX800,SX900

Motorola SSW-0864 Motorola AC Travel Charger Small and lightweight, Provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging your phone's battery, Perfect replacement for OEM charger, Folding blades, Input: AC 100-240V, Output: 5.0V / 550mA
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