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HomeManufacturer InformationProducts list for Audiocontrol
AUDIOCONTROL  (View all products for Audiocontrol with Images.)

Audiocontrol 6XS 6-Channel Electronic Crossover Six Inputs plus Eight Outputs, State-Variable, 24dB per Octave, 2-way Active Crossover, Audiophile Crossover Performance, Output Level Controls, High Voltage Outputs, Remote Subwoofer Level Control

Audiocontrol DQ-61 BLUE 6-channel Sound Processor Color: Blue, Designed for any factory stereo, 6 speaker-level inputs (400 w RMS each), Input level controls, 7-band graphic EQ on front, rear, subwoofer channels, AccuBASS, Remote Control Included

Audiocontrol DQDX BLACK 6-ch Digital Signal Processor Color: Black, 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover, Selectable crossover frequency: 50-500 Hz, Separate 7-band graphic EQ for front/rear/subwoofer, Front/rear/subwoofer level, Wired Remote Included

Audiocontrol EQX WHITE Trunk Mount Equalizer Dual-bandwidth Equalization with Crossover, 6 Band, ½ Octave Bass EQ, 7 Band, Octave Equalizer, Two-way 24dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley Crossover, Programmable Frequency Match (PFM) Subsonic Filter

Audiocontrol LC2i BLACK 2-Chan Output Converter w/ EQ Two Channels of Active Speaker Level inputs (Up to 400 Watts RMS/Ch), AccuBASS equalization, Threshold and Boost controls, Selectable GTO™ Auto sensing turn-on circuit, Optional Dash Bass Remote

Audiocontrol LC7i GREY 6-Chan Line Output Converter AccuBASS™ bass compensation corrects the bass roll-off in factory systems, Speaker-level inputs, Six input and output channels, Internal channel summing, AutoMode, Optional Dash Remote Control

Audiocontrol LCQ-1 6-Chan Line Output Converter Individual equalization controls for the front, rear and subwoofer channels for simple yet precise system tuning, AccuBASS processing, Optional ACR-2 Subwoofer Remote, Internal Channel Summing

Audiocontrol MATRIX PLUS 6-channel Line Driver Six Channels of Input and Output, 24 dB of Signal Gain, 13 Volts Peak Output, Optional Dash Remote Level Control, PFM Subsonic Filter, Output Level Controls, 2 Input Channels to 6 Output Channels

Audiocontrol THREE.2 In-Dash Pre-Amp Equalizer Compact ½ DIN chassis, Stereo Graphic Equalization, Front and Rear, Dual Auxiliary inputs, Para-BASS low frequency contouring, Subwoofer level control, Master volume and fader control, LED Indicator
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